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Editconcept offers innovative post-production solutions for television, digital platforms, and advertising. We have extensive expertise in a variety of formats, from dynamic promotional films to detailed documentaries.

Our years of experience, combined with a high level of creativity and optimized workflows, allow us to deliver exceptional results for your project. The combination of the best technology and our unique creative approach enables us to offer tailor-made solutions precisely suited to your needs.

Our modern facilities, equipped with six high-end edit suites, a high-quality sound studio, and a specially designed voice-over booth, allow us to efficiently meet even the most complex production requirements.

With editconcept as your partner, you can be confident that your post-production will be realized at the highest level.


At Editconcept, you have a team of authentic, innovative, and reliable experts at your side, guiding your project from the conceptual phase to the final implementation. We are committed to perfecting every detail to bring your vision to life effectively.

Markus Pütz, Geschäftsführer, editconcept

Markus Pütz

After completing his studies at DEKRA Media Academy and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Markus completed various internships in the media field. He worked as a cameraman for news, magazine contributions, and documentaries. After years of freelance work as an editor, he founded the post-production company editconcept with Timo in 2015.

Managing Director and Editor
Timo Schüler, Geschäftsführer, editconcept

Timo Schüler

... is a media designer for image and sound and has demonstrated his skills in various corners of the media world. It quickly became clear that post-production is his true passion. For the past 20 years, he has been giving the final touch to all kinds of moving images. This is not going to change anytime soon. Since 2015, he has been managing director of editconcept together with Markus.

Managing Director and Editor
Jan Schöneberg, Editor, editconcept
Julian Steinberg,  Editor, editconcept
Jan Schöneberg


Steers every project in the right direction.

Julian Steinberg



He lifts even the heaviest projects.

We have an extensive network of freelance employees and partners from all areas of production and post-production. This diversity of talents and expertise truly completes our team. Thanks to this wide-ranging community, we are able to find a tailored solution for every challenge and bring your visions to life with the highest quality.

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